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College Football Playoff to expand to 12 teams in 2024. See details

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An enlarged 12-team bracket will be introduced for College Football Playoff, and it will be incorporated in 2024, with the top six champions guaranteed access and the top four earning byes through the first round.

College Football Playoff was formed in 2014 to make a more definite national championship structure that began in 1992 with the Bowl Coalition and expanded through the 16 seasons of The Championship Series. The first eight seasons saw a four-team bracket. Then the Bowl Championship Series expanded from a two-team to a four-team College Football Playoff. Following the trend, it was speculated the bracket would grow even more, and six-team and eight-team models soon began to float as quickly as the four-team setup was established. But they decided to jump the gun and went even further to a complete dozen.

Even though we have to wait two more years to see this setup in action, it doesn’t mean we cannot speculate what the bracket would look like in play. The bracket slightly differs from how it would look under the BCS formula. The most highlighting feature is the bytes received by Clemson and Utah that pushed TCU and Ohio State back to the opening round. Clemson is more favoured by the selection committee than it would with the older algorithm of polls and computer rankings. Kansas State would also have earned a bye for its Big 12 victory under BCS but would play as 9th seed with the committee rankings as a guide.

  • When will the new 12-team setup be introduced?
    It will go online in 2024.
  • Who is in the No.1 of the Top 25 list?
    Michigan tops the list.
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