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Why was KTLA TV anchor Mark Mester fired? Details here

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KTLA anchor Mark Mester was fired after responding to Lynette Romero's departure on-air. The reports have confirmed that the Los Angeles-area news anchor anchor Mark Mester is no longer employed at KTLA.

Anchor Mark Mester fired-

  • Mark Mester talked about the station and their behaviour with Lynette Romero on air on Saturday.
  • Romero's sudden departure last week raised many eyebrows and invited constant criticism from social media.
  • KTLA announced Lynette Romero's leaving without any farewell message or goodbyes.
  • After Mark talked about this behaviour by KTLA on air, KTLA fired him.
  • According to different reports, Janene Drafs, the general manager of KTLA, announced Mark Mester's firing in a meeting.
  • Mark Mester's name has also been removed from the KTLA website's anchor list.

KTLA's reaction so far to Mark Mester's departure:Pete Saiers, the news director of KTLA, said in a statement that Lynette Romero decided to move on from KTLA after 24 years of anchoring the weekend morning news for them.

He said that KTLA management was trying hard to get Romero to stay with them, but ultimately she decided to move on towards different opportunities.

Saiers further said that they asked Romero to record a farewell video for all the viewers of the morning text news, but Romero refused to do so.

In his statement, Pete Saiers said that Lynnette Romero was a very valuable part of the KTLA family, and they wished Romero and her family all the very best in the future.

Mark Mester and Lynnette Romero used to work together for KTLA. For years, they have been delivering the weekend morning news together, and Lynette Romero's sudden departure might have been the reason behind Mark's firing.

  • What did Mark Mester say?
    On Saturday, Mark Mester delivered the news when he went a little off-script. He started apologising for KTLA's sudden behaviour towards Lynnette Romero's leaving. He apologised to the viewers on behalf of KTLA. He said this is not how anyone should be treated after years of service.
  • Has Romero said anything about the departure?
    Romero addressed her departure on Twitter, saying she will always be grateful to the LA audience for all the love and affection over the years. She asked people to "stay tuned" as she will be right back.So far, Mark Mester hasn't said anything about his departure.
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