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Bengaluru team helps firms close data gap in manufacturing

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26th September, 2021 18:23 IST
The technology also creates data to help factories increase efficiency.
Bengaluru: A Bengaluru-based R&D unit’s technology aimed at addressing a century-old data gap in the manufacturing sector is being lapped up by global manufacturers like DENSO, Flex, three major auto companies and two top electronics contract manufacturers to improve production.

The centre with 120 staff is part of Drishti Technologies which essentially offers eyes on the factory floor to monitor thousands of workers. The technology also creates data to help factories increase efficiency. The software uses computer vision to digitise human actions by taking real-time video footage and applying deep learning to assign data points to label different types of manual labour.

Drishti CEO Gary Jackson said: “The technology can be used for training too. Our customers like Toyota spend a massive percentage of labour costs on training and retraining. The difference between someone who can do something in a minute versus 30 seconds could be adequate training or someone finding a new better way. Being able to focus on training with our analysis can be of immense value to clients.”

Chaudhary said applications include identifying ways to speed up manufacturing processes or discovering bottlenecks before they halt production. During Covid-19, the technology has been used to reduce line crowding.

Ramana Tadepalli, head, India operations, said customer privacy and IP protection was considered when the technology was developed. “Data generated is customer property and we’re aware that it’s confidential and an asset. We ensure privacy is ensured at all levels,” he said. Jackson said the firm has raised $37.5 million.

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