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GMR Airports Passenger Traffic Jumps 27% YoY

GMR Airports Infrastructure Limited in August managed a total of 9,785,403 passengers in August with a jump of 27 per cent against last August, the data released by the company through an exchange filing revealed. The aircraft moment also went up with a jump of 16 per cent at 64,799 aircrafts in August.

The Delhi airport saw a 19 per cent Year-on-Year jump in passengers whereas Cebu, Philippines airport passengers saw the highest jump of 72 per cent at 916,919. On the other hand, Hyderabad airport passenger count saw the highest jump in India of 24 per cent with 2,036,516 passengers. Medan, Indonesia also saw a jump in passenger traffic with 5,97,037 passengers traveling through August.

Aircraft movement

In terms of aircraft movement the highest jump was also in Cebu with a total number of 7,777 aircrafts which is 49 per cent higher in comparison to the same month last year. Hyderabad and Medan airports also saw double digit aircraft movements in August with a jump of 12 per cent and 10 percent respectively. Delhi only saw a single digit growth at 6 per cent with 35,894 aircrafts in the previous month.