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FPJ Cyber Secure: Silvassa Man Loses ₹63 Lakh In Online Petrol Pump Scam After Googling For Information

A man's dream of opening a petrol pump in Silvassa turned into a nightmare after he was duped of a staggering Rs 63 lakh by online fraudsters. The victim, identified as Jayesh Hindocha, fell prey to a well-orchestrated scam that began with a simple Google search.

Hindocha, a resident of Samarwani area in Silvassa, was seeking information on opening a petrol pump when he came across a website claiming to offer assistance with the process.

He contacted the phone number provided on the website and was connected to an individual who identified himself as an employee of the Ministry of Petroleum. This supposed "official" convinced Hindocha to transfer money online to various bank accounts for processing his application and securing approvals.

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Lured by the promise of a smooth process, Hindocha transferred a total of Rs 63.20 lakh over several transactions as instructed by the fraudsters. However, his hopes were soon dashed when both phone numbers became unreachable after a few days. Realising he had been scammed, Hindocha filed a police complaint against the unknown individuals.

The incident highlights the growing menace of online fraud and the vulnerability of individuals seeking information online. The Silvassa police are currently investigating the case, but recovering the lost funds remains a significant challenge.

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A senior police officer in Silvassa said that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of individuals or websites promising easy access to government permits or licenses, especially if they demand upfront payments.

“Always cross-check information obtained online with official government websites or through authorised channels. Do not rely solely on phone calls or emails as verification methods.Never share personal financial information or transfer funds to unknown individuals or entities, regardless of their claims or affiliation,” he added.