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ICICI bank launches 'Campus Power' ; Read how students can benefit from this digital platform

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23rd June, 2022 15:55 IST

ICICI bank today launched a digital platform, to address the needs of students who want to pursue higher education in India and abroad. The initiative ‘ Campus Power’, aims to be a one-stop-shop that caters to the requirements of students, parents, and institutes.

Campus Power’ looks to offer both banking and value-added solutions in a single location. Anyone can use it, including clients of other banks.

"Campus Power" helps users find financial items that are appropriate for their needs, including bank accounts, international accounts, school loans with tax benefits, foreign currency solutions, payment solutions, cards, other loans, and investments. The platform also aims to provide information on a variety of value-added services for higher education in India and abroad, including in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Australia. Value services on programmes, colleges, locations, admissions counselling, test-taking strategies, accommodations abroad, and travel support are also available.

The student community will soon have its own ICICI Bank locations. IIT Kanpur has already established the first branch, and seven more will be built on the campuses of India’s prominent universities.

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