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It's hot summer! Would you try some 'Mango Maggi'?

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14th May, 2022 12:31 IST

We all love the yummy Maggie noodles, but could our tongue fall in love for some fun and twists to the delicacy? In the season of the king of fruits, the noodles got a try with the Mango flavour, leaving netizens and foodies in splits.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that it. In a video shared by a food blogging page on Instagram we could see the creation of 'Mango Maggi.' The road side vendor prepares the bizarre dish over a hot pan, initially by making the noodles and later adding mango juice to it. Not just that, in order to spice up the fruit fusion, the chef also adds slices of the fruit to the bowl before serving.

The video was captioned to read, "Summers agyi hai ab mango bhi favourite hai and maggi bhii, Kyu na dono sath me hojaye? Presenting special Mango Maggi. (The summer season has arrived, both Mango and Maggi are our favourite, why not try them together...)"

Take a look at the video, right here:

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