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Taiwan Earthquake: Shocking Visuals Show Buildings Tilting, Taipei Metro Shaking (Watch)

A massive earthquake jolted Taiwan on early Wednesday, killed at least four people and injured 57 others. It also caused severe infrastructural damage on the island. Videos and photos shared by locals showed buildings tilted, and Taipei Metro and bridges shaking vigorously.

The earthquake, Taiwan's strongest quake in 25 years, prompted Japan to issue a tsunami alert.

However, it was downgraded to advisory after the tsunami waves were reported to not as high as predicted.

While Taiwan's earthquake monitoring agency reported a magnitude of 7.2, while the US Geological Survey estimated it at 7.4. The quake occurred at 7:58 am local time, approximately 18 km south-southwest of Hualien, with a depth of around 35 km, the Associated Press reported.

More than 87,000 people without electricity.

Citing Taiwan's electric power company, Taiwan Power, Reuters news agency reported that more than 87,000 people were without electricity following the earthquake. Authorities are currently working to restore the power.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) network suspended its service following the earthquake.

Videos posted by social media users showed the sheer damage in the aftermath of the earthquake. One video showed an under construction building's parts collapsing.

Another video showed, Taipei Metro shaking as terrified passengers struggled to stay still.

A dashcam footage captured moments into the earthquake, bringing the traffic to a halt. Cars and vehicles were seen shaking continuously during the quake.

President announces road closures

President Tsai Ing-wen announced the closure of roads along the eastern coast of Taiwan due to landslides and a bridge collapse in the area. As a result, individuals are stranded in tunnels, and traffic has halted completely, TaiwanPlus News reported.

In Japan, flight services at Naha airport in southern region of Okinawa, from 9.25 am local time as a precautionary measure, CNA quoted a transport ministry official at the airport as saying. The incoming flights will be diverted, the official reportedly stated.