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Elon Musk calls the world's richest man a 'copycat'. Again

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30th June, 2020 09:56 IST
It was reported earlier that Amazon had acquired a self-driving startup Zoox for close to $1.2 billion. The move indicates Amazon’s serious interest in the self-driving cars business and it prompted an interesting reaction from none other Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk, in a tweet, called Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon — also the world’s richest man — a copycat.

Neither Bezos nor Amazon have made any comment on Musk’s jibe on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time that Musk has called Bezos a copycat. In 2019, Amazon announced its plans to launch a constellation of over 3,000 internet satellites. This too prompted the copycat jibe from Musk as his other company SpaceX had already announced similar plans.

As for the startup which has been acquired by Amazon — and led to Musk’s jibe — has been around for the last six years now. “Zoox started in 2014 with the vision of purpose-built, zero-emissions vehicles designed for autonomous ride-hailing, along with an end-to-end autonomy software stack,” said Amazon in a press statement. Zoox's ground-up vehicle focuses on the ride-hailing customer, with tightly integrated features designed to provide “a revolutionary passenger experience.” Zoox's approach to invention provides flexibility and the means to iterate rapidly to continuously deliver a superior experience for customers, said Amazon in the statement.

Amazon isn’t new to the autonomous vehicle tech as it has been working on several projects. The company had earlier invested in another self-driving startup called Aurora. It has also tested self-driving trucks by another startup called Embark.

Musk and Tesla have been working on autonomous tech in cars for quite sometime. Amazon’s entry in the space — particularly cars — is set to spice things up in the market and hence the reaction from Musk on the social media platform.
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