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Leaked slide reveals Google Stadia to arrive on these products as soon as next year

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18th September, 2019 00:33 IST
Google is yet to bring Stadia game streaming service to end users. It has already announced the service along with the details. However it looks like the search giant is yet to reveal a small piece of information that is likely to make Android TV users happy. The company is now said to bring Google Stadia to Android TVs. This came from a leaked slide from an International Broadcasting Convention attendee and shared by XDA Developers. The slide could not be shared but the contents are all out.

As per one of the slides, Google is planning to bring Stadia to Android TV but not this year but in 2020. The game service could come to Android TVs with Android 11R update. The details have not been mentioned though. For now, Google has confirmed that Stadia will be compatible with Pixel smartphones, Chrome browser and Chromecast Ultra.

Under the pointer ‘Android 11R/2020’ these were mentioned. Among these was ‘Stadia integration’.

-Assistant for Operators GA (General Access) more partners & i18n (internationalization.)
-Assistant farfield reference designs, improved x-device targeting.
-Hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX, e.g. Lens, Camera.
-Expand homescreen and instream ads offering.
-Stadia integration.
-Reference video broadcast.
-8.0k Apps?

It is worth adding that since Android TV update arrives a few months after its reaches the smartphones, users may not get to see Stadia on Android TVs until the end of 2020 or maybe the beginning of 2021.

Google has confirmed that the ‘Base’ version of Stadia is free of cost while the ‘Pro’ model will cost users $9.99 per month. With ‘Stadia Pro’ users get 4K 60fps support and 5.1 surround sound. They would need 35mbps speed as well.
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