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Best MAC-10 Loadout In COD Mobile: Ideal Attachments & Perks

MAC-10, a quick-fire COD Mobile SMG, is another firearm that has appeared in multiple main series of Call of Duty games. In each iteration across different titles, MAC-10 has remained a highly mobile sub-machine gun ideal for close-range battles. However, it tends to become a bit ineffective with an increase in distance, which ultimately limits the in-game potential of the users.

Fortunately, the wide variety of attachments in the Gunsmith section lets players build the best MAC-10 loadout in COD Mobile, making the gun more versatile.

In the following section, readers can check out the ideal attachments to create the best MAC-10 loadout in COD Mobile:

Best MAC-10 Loadout In COD Mobile (2024) Best MAC-10 Loadout in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)

As mentioned, the MAC-10 is among those Call of Duty: Mobile weapons that boast high mobility and insane rates of fire. However, there are multiple other aspects where MAC-10 lags behind other guns within its category and hence needs some customizations. Here are the ideal attachments that players can use to build the best MAC-10 loadout in COD Mobile:

  • Muzzle – Infantry Compensator
  • Barrel – 6.5” Rifling Barrel
  • Stock – SAS Combat Stock
  • Ammunition – STANAG 53 Round Extended Reload
  • Underbarrel – BO Foregrip
Impact of the customizations on MAC-10 (Image via Activision)

The Ammunition customization ensures that the gun has enough magazine capacity to handle multiple enemies simultaneously at the cost of ADS and reload time. At the same time, the Stock attachment improves Sprint-to-Fire delay and ADS movement speed. However, players will encounter an increase in hipfire bullet spread (decrease in hipfire accuracy).

The rest of the attachments for the Barrel, Muzzle, and Underbarrel aim to improve the gun’s recoil and damage range. Hence, players will use MAC-10 in mid-range fights without noticing any substantial difference. Consequently, the loadout has made the base gun more stable and accurate while enhancing its ammo capacity.

Furthermore, players can use Skulker (Tier 1), Toughness (Tier 2), and Alert (Tier 3) perks to elevate the potential of the best MAC-10 loadout in COD Mobile.