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Call Of Duty: What Is An Operator Kill In MW3 & How To Get It

Are you looking for the meaning of an Operator Kill in MW3 and Warzone? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone have welcomed many in-season releases in weapons, maps, Aftermarket Parts, and many other additions. Many such in-game items, especially the weekly challenge rewards, have certain unlock criteria in the form of tasks that players must complete in the in-game matches.

Furthermore, many weekly challenge tasks feature a common requirement of registering a certain number of Operator Kills in Modern Warfare III and Warzone. Interestingly, the term “Operator Kill” has confused many new players who are stuck at completing the weekly challenges in the game. If you are not sure about the meaning of the said Call of Duty term, you can find a definite answer in the following section.

What Is An Operator Kill In MW3 & Warzone & How Can You Claim It? 
What is an Operator Kill in Modern Warfare III? (Image via Activision)

An Operator Kill in MW3, and Warzone refers to an “enemy execution,” which anyone can claim by killing their opponents in multiplayer or battle royale using different means. Hence, missions requiring a certain number of Operator Kills can be finished by killing an equal amount of opponents with weapons or anything else.

Killing off enemies in MW3 using different means (Image via Activision)

Now, some “Operator Kill Missions” are specific to certain areas or forms of execution; readers can learn more about them as follows:

  • Operator Kill – Killing an enemy player by any means.
  • Operator 1 Shot 1 Kill – Killing an enemy with a single shot using a firearm
  • Operator Quickscope Kill – Killing an enemy by aiming down the sights of a weapon for a short period
  • Operator Double Kill – Killing two opponents in quick succession
  • Operator Triple Kill – Killing three opponents in quick succession
  • Operator Longshot Kill – Killing an enemy at a long distance
  • Operator Collateral Kill – Killing multiple opponents with the same shot
  • Operator Hipfire Kill – Killing an enemy using hipfire
  • Multiple other missions feature Operator Fury Kills, Operator Multikills, and more that players can come across in Modern Warfare III and Warzone. All such missions require executing the opponents in a certain way. At the same time, players are often also required to use certain firearms to finish off their enemies.

    Once players have completed such “Operator Kill Missions” in the game, they will get some XP or rewards based on the event/challenge progress.