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Warzone Mobile Tier List 2024: Best Weapons Ranked

In a FPS (first-person shooter) like Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, the weapon choice is all-important, especially when to comes to players’ playstyle and strategies. Warzone Mobile, like other COD titles, offers a massive arsenal full of weapons that suits varying combat situations over different ranges.

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Each firearm in WZM boasts distinct attributes and stats concerning the range, damage, mobility, handling, and more. Some weapons in Warzone Mobile are more potent than other. Hence, players can check out the Warzone Mobile Tier List, before they build a loadout in the game.

Warzone Mobile Tier List – Best To Worst Weapons In The Game WZM Weapon Tier List (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty: WZM boasts an ever-expanding in-game weaponry, which is why the Warzone Mobile Tier List has been divided into five tiers. The following tiers will determine the potential of each firearm in Warzone Mobile and will allow players to make ideal decisions and choices around their Call of Duty loadouts:

  • S-Tier: It features the weapons, which are best-in-class and should be prioritized in most of the situations.
  • A-Tier: The weapons in this tier are among the great alternatives, but they are not as reliable as S-Tier firearms.
  • B-Tier: The guns featured in B-Tier are somewhat mediocre, when it comes to in-match performance, but can be improved with decent customizations. They offer decent performance, but can be overlooked if A-Tier or S-Tier guns are available.
  • C-Tier: The firearms in C-Tier have a limited potential, which can result in frequent subpar performances. Still, players can use them in certain combat situations.
  • D-Tier: The D-Tier weapons are among the worst alternatives available in Warzone Mobile Tier List. Hence, they can be avoided in the game.
  • S-Tier Weapons In Warzone Mobile S-Tier Weapons (Image via Activision) S-Tier Assault Rifles
    • Holger 556
    • RAM-7
    • SVA 545
    S-Tier SMGs
    • RAM-9
    • HRM-9
    • Striker-9
    • AMR-9
    S-Tier LMGs
    • Bruen MK9
    • Holger 26
    S-Tier Sniper Rifles
    • MCPR-300
    • XRK Stalker
    S-Tier Battle Rifles
    • BAS-B
    • MTZ-762
    S-Tier Shotguns
    • Riveter
    • Haymaker
    S-Tier Pistols
    • Renetti
    A-Tier Weapons In Warzone Mobile
    A-Tier Weapons (Image via Activision) A-Tier Assault Rifles
    • BP50
    • MCW
    A-Tier SMGs
    • Rival-9
    • WSP Swarm
    • WSP-9
    • VEL 46
    • Lachmann Shroud
    A-Tier LMGs
    • Pulemyot 762
    • TAQ Evolvere
    • TAQ Eradicator
    • DG-58 LSW
    A-Tier Sniper Rifles
    • KATT AMR
    • FJX Imperium
    • Longbow
    • Victus XMR
    A-Tier Battle Rifles
    • Sidewinder
    A-Tier Shotguns
    • Lockwood 680
    A-Tier Pistols
    • COR-45
    • TYR
    • WSP Stinger
    B-Tier Weapons In Warzone Mobile B-Tier Weapons (Image via Activision) B-Tier Assault Rifles
    • MTZ-556
    • FR 5.56
    • DG-56
    • TAQ-56
    • Lachman-556
    B-Tier SMGs
    • Striker
    • ISO 9mm
    • Lachmann Sub
    B-Tier LMGs
    • RAAL MG
    • RAPP H
    • 556 Icarus
    B-Tier Sniper Rifles
    • KV Inhibitor
    B-Tier Battle Rifles
    • TAQ-V
    • FTAC Recon
    B-Tier Shotguns
    • Bryson 890
    • Bryson 800
    B-Tier Pistols
    • X12
    • FTAC Siege
    C-Tier Weapons In Warzone Mobile C-Tier Weapons (Image via Activision) C-Tier Assault Rifles
    • Tempus Razorback
    • STB 556
    • Kastov 545
    • Chimera
    • TR-76 Geist
    • Kastov-74U
    C-Tier SMGs
    • Fennec 45
    • ISO 45
    • Vaznev-9k
    • MX9
    • FSS Hurricane
    C-Tier LMGs
    • HCR 56
    • RPK
    C-Tier Sniper Rifles
    • SP-X 80
    C-Tier Battle Rifles
    • Lachmann-762
    • SOA Subverter
    C-Tier Shotguns
    • MX Guardian
    • KV Broadside
    C-Tier Pistols
    • X13 Auto
    • .50GS
    • Basilisk
    D-Tier Weapons In Warzone Mobile D-Tier Weapons (Image via Activision) D-Tier Assault Rifles
    • M4
    • FR Avancer
    • M16
    • M13C
    • M13B
    • Kastov 762
    • ISO Hemlock
    D-Tier SMGs
    • PDSW 528
    • Minibak
    • BAS-P
    D-Tier LMGs
    • Sakin MG38
    D-Tier Sniper Rifles
    • LA-B 330
    • Carrack .300
    • Signal 50
    D-Tier Battle Rifles
    • Cronen Squall
    • SO-14
    D-Tier Shotguns
    • Lockwood 300 
    • Expedite 12
    D-Tier Pistols
    • GS Magna
    • P890
    • 9mm Daemon
    Where To Get WZM?

    Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is available via Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS and iPadOS).