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Balakrishna bunks shooting

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Balakrishna rushed to Rajahmundry to meet his relative and TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu along with Pawan Kalyan. He will be meeting Babu along with Lokesh.

All these days we know Pawan Kalyan was bunking shooting and giving jitters to the producers for his political assignments. He was being called a part-time politician.

Now Balakrishna is forced to bunk the shooting for the sake of Bava Babu. Balakrishna may camp in Rajahmundry to secure bail for Chandrababu Naidu.

Today he will accompany Pawan Kalyan for the Mulakhat with Babu in the jail after noon. Usually, Balakrishna is a disciplined man like his father NTR when it comes to work that is shooting.

This is an emergency where he has to meet his party President Chandrababu. Now there is a chance that Balakrishna and Pawan would campaign together for the coming elections.

Balakrishna is already with Lokesh in the camp office of Rajahmundry and they will take Pawan along with them to the Jail to meet Babu as part of the Mulakhat.

We have to see what announcement will Balakrishna and Pawan give to the people after the said Mulakhat. Yesterday Rajinikanth talked to Lokesh and supported Chandrababu.

There is a talk that NTR spoke to the PM for the sake of Chandrababu. But there is no significant movement in the film circles for Chandrababu. Perhaps they do not want to rub Jagan on the wrong side.

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