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We must decide our destiny and achieve it said Chiranjeevi the megastar. He was speaking to Vijay Devarakonda the hero in a program. Life is not a cake walk and there are no short cuts he said.

There will be hurdles and we have cross them. Get up and move forward he suggested. Kranthi Kumar insulted me and I proved that yes I will become a superstar.

I have come up in the industry with hard work he said. I can do the Veena step today also challenged Chiranjeevi. The attitude of Arjun Reddy must continue all the time he suggested Vijay Devarakonda.

In the growing stage we will be vulnerable and we have to continue with positive energy people he said. I was best actor from School days and I continued the same till I achieved the status of the Superstar he explained.

Cinema has always been by first priority he said. I used to interact with God Hanuman. God is out inner consciousness he suggested. You have to nurture your ambition and I expected to reach this level Chiranjeevi answered.

My father encourage me and I got offers from the Film Institue period he explained. I never went to the studios with photos he pointed out.

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