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PK means Pitchi Kalyan

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Minister Roja said that PK is ptchi Kalyan and we will treat him freely with Arogya Sri. Pawan has no candidates for the coming elections she said.

She was addressing the media. Roja said that she would break the teeth of Pawan if he talked against Jagan again. Babu managed people and institutions, now he is caught red-handed opined Roja .

Pawan comes from the shooting and speaks as he likes without any logic said Roja. Pawan is a hit with packages and not with the movies she ridiculed.

Lokesh and Achan Naidu are also involved in the Skill scam she alleged. It looks like Roja has been fielded by YSRC to counter Jagan. She also ridiculed that Brahmani had no knowledge of politics.

Please don’t talk to Devanshh about the arrest of Chandrababu Roja suggested. Jagan is having 151 MLAs while Pawan is not even a ward member she ridiculed.

People will not believe the sympathy drama tactics of the Babu family she said.Pawan is no match to Jagan in any format she opined. The public is seeing through the games of Babu and his family she stated.

Meanwhile, I am with CBN is going on for the release of Chandrababu Naidu across Hyderabad and in some parts of Bengaluru. The AP CID officers have addressed a Press meet against Babu in Delhi at the Ashoka Hotel.

The Telugu media was not invited for the press meet as they would ask questions in support of Chandrababu.

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