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Toxic shoot begins

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Animal, Spirit and now Toxic are the titles of the movies these days. Violence is the moola mantra with fire all around.

The shooting for the Yash starter Toxic has begun. Technicians from different fields are working on the movie.

We have already erected massive sets, creating many job opportunities and avenues for people at ground level, technicians and budding talent in the state. We are working towards making a film of global potential,” the producers said.

“As producers, we had options from various locations in India and abroad. The film has onboard actors and technicians from multiple industries, even international talent, and setting up a base there would have been more economical.

However, Yash and KVN took the initiative to establish ‘Toxic’ HQ in Karnataka before we shoot parts of the film in locations elsewhere, and showcase the tremendous potential of our people,” the statement added.

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