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Vishwambara, the other side of Bimbisara

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The fans of Chiranjeevi are asking if the latest movie of Vashista has any connection with Bimbisara which was a super hit. Some say Vishwambhara is nothing but the second part of Bimbisara.

The director has a the ability to show a new world with very less budget. That is what has attracted Chiranjeevi. The technology also helps the actors to see themselves in all sort os forms and stunts.

They need not take the risk like earlier times. Graphics and Artificial intelligence is the mantra. Greem mat technology is another boon to the aged heroes. They give close shots and rest is done with doops and technology.

Bimbisara was also a socio fantasy film, and so is Chiru’s Vishwambara. Director Vassistha has connected both worlds in a superb manner, it is reported.

The comparison has started to become a hot topic in film circles. Trisha plays the female lead in Vishwambhara, and only time will tell whether these films are connected.

But there is a talk that hero Chiranjeevi who has a vast experience in the filed is happy with the outcome. As an actor he has given the best. At this age he is still learning and hungry for a hit.

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