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What if the film fails ?

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The producers must include a clause in the agreement with the heroes that if the film fails, they have to return sixty percent of the remuneration.

They can also mention that forty percent advance and sixty per cent after the collections. Otherwise the film producers will be in trouble as the heroes and films are in no position to draw the audience to the theatres.

Most of the cine-goers are not coming out of the homes as they are getting good content on the TV and Nettflix. Karan Johar recently stated that stars demanding ₹35 crores or more are often unable to deliver even a ₹3.5 crore opening on the first day of their film’s release.

This reality is not limited to the Hindi film industry, as the Telugu market is also witnessing a similar phenomenon. Except for the biggest superstars, many Tier 2 and Tier 3 actors in the Telugu industry are charging fees upwards of ₹10 crores per film.

However, the high salaries are not translating into proportional box office returns. In fact, several films until the highly anticipated “Kalki 2898 AD” have struggled to even achieve a ₹10 crore gross opening, despite the stars’ hefty price tags.

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