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Mumbai : Bandra Assembly Constituency fight for Coastal Area! Special report of Jui Jadhav ,Hello Mumbai Correspondent

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Hello Mumbai News
09th October, 2019 22:26 IST

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The fight for Coastal Area!
Mumbai, October 9, 2019.
News input by : Jui Jadhav from Bandra West Constituency.
Mumbai: Bandra also called as ‘Vandre’ is a coastal suburb located on Salsette Island in Maharashtra, India. It is the third largest commercial hub in Maharashtra. Additionally, many personalities who are active in Bollywood , Cricket and Politics reside in this city. The original inhabitants were mainly the East Indians and Hindu Kolis. It was originally known as Vandra then Bandor and then Bandera and finally Bandra with a railway signboard finalizing it at the end of the last century. Bandra had been inhabited mainly by a few Goans, Mangaloreans, Parsis, Muslims, Eurpoeans and Hindu Kolis.
Bandra consisted of the villages Sherly, Malla, Rajan, Kantwady, Waroda, Ranwar, Pali and Chuim. Bandra is split up by the local Railway-line developed into a fashionable suburb by the middle of the 20th Century. Film Director Mehboob Khan established Mehbbob studio here in 1954. Soon the area became a centre for Indian movie industry, Bollywood. The residents residing in Bandra are mostly Maharashtrian’s. The population of Bandra has 9,17,391 people known as Bandraite or Vandrekar.
Bandra west constituency number 177 is one of the 26th Vidhan Sabha constituencies located in the Mumbai Suburban district. The number of voters is over 3,00,000 out of which 2,25,345 are male and 1,42,574 are female voters. Before 2008, delimitation of assembly seats, this seats area was covered under Bandra Lok Sabha constituency represented by Ramdas Nayak.
Bandra west seat falls in the Mumbai North central Lok Sabha constituency. In 2014, assembly elections BJP was elected in Bandra west. BJP candidate Adv. Ashish Shelar, had won the assembly elections by 74,779 votes. Ashish Shelar has been the Minister of School Education and Sports under Devendra Fadnavis Government. He defeated Baba Siddiqui of Congress, but in 2009 Baba Siddiqui had won in Bandra west.
Legislative Assembly election is planned to be held in Maharsahtra on 21st October to elect 288 members of Legislative Assembly. The Bhartiya Janta Party on Tuesday released the first list of 125 candidates for upcoming Maharashtra assembly and from whom Adv Ashish Shelar’s name has come forward from Bandra West. The Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS) had not contested the Lok Sabha Elections this year but has fielded Akhil Chitre for Maharashtra Assembly Elections From Bandra
West. The finalized name from Congress for Maharashtra Assembly election is Asif Zakeria,three time  senior party corporator.
The result’s are to be declared on the 24th October, 2019. So it is really very excited to see who conquers the coastal suburb of Maharashtra and Mumbai.

Importance of this Constituency, there is   direct fight between Congress and BJP. BJP fielded  seating MLA and Cabinet Minister Advocate Ashish Shelar against Senior congress Corporator Asif Zakaria.

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