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Top -Level Exodus at Jet Airways, CEO Vinay Dube Resigns: Hopes of 23000 employees shattered  

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Hello Mumbai News
15th May, 2019 23:23 IST

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imageTop-Level Exodus at Jet Airways, CEO Vinay Dube Resigns: Hopes of 23000 employees shattered

My Comment :
Hemant M Shah (Winnipeg Canada)
[Executive Director for India and Asia – Winnipeg Aviation INC  (Now Retired) & Frequent Flyer with Jet Airways more than 2 decades.


I am totally shaken and at dismay hearing about Jet Airways CEO Mr. Vinay Dube and CFO Mr. Amit Agrawal stepping down from their respective roles. These both men were but the only hopes of the 23,000 Jet employees whose future looks blurred now. Recently when Mr Naresh Goyal, left these 23,000 employees and their
families pressed and deprived of the life they were leading.

These 23,000 employees gave many years to Jet along with their loyalty, hard-work and sincerity to build the brand and world class services to the passengers flying with Jet 9W.
And today, no-one else but these very employees are in misery as their families are suffering. See, Life and business goes on, lenders are busy looking for buyers and Government of India and Opposition parties occupied with election and campaigning – everyone has their own agenda to fulfil but everyone seems to have forgotten these people.

Mr Naresh Goyal /His Kingdom/Darbar  –  ,Where is He? why he is not addressing to his 23,000 Loyal Employees,… ..

At this time, the Indian government, Ministry of aviation and lenders such as big banks (SBI & others) should join hands and should come forward to help.
But no-one seems to care! What are they doing to save the jobs of 23,000 employees of Jet airways & their familes.

And what about the opposition leading and other parties? They find moles and make issues out of them, but this went un-noticed! What about our celebrities who campaign showing placards and do candle marches? Did this did not move their hearts?
It is high time now. Individual differences and professional benefits should be side-lined and Government of India along with all opposition parties should unanimously work to bring a positive change in the lives of these people and must find a long-term solution as well.

My Personal Remarks on Jet Air Employees.

It costs a huge amount to train as a commercial pilot and obtain a licence and then secure a job at a good airline.
Many of the young pilots earn and pay their education loans. Similarly, senior employees have a lifestyle to maintain along with utility bills, kids’ education, household expenses and suddenly your source of income is gone.
Imagine yourself in the situation and probably you’ll be able to relate with Jet employees’ situation and their pain.

As a society, how are we not moved by the suffering of those around us!

Hemant M.Shah .

Winnipeg Canada.


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