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Survival tips from Omar Abdullah on How to Get Through 21-day Lockdown

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26th March, 2020 09:00 IST
Due to the pandemic, India has gone under complete lockdown, suspending transportation, closing offices, and shutting down malls and markets.

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday offered to share some tips to survive a lockdown. He said he has months of experience of spending time in quarantine, which is the need of the hour to prevent the spread of highly contagious coronavirus.

After the 21-day lockdown was announced, memes and tips to deal with it started trending. And today, Omar Abdullah also took to Twitter to get the important message of social distancing out but with a funny twist. Along with the meme, he shared some important tips, from the first-hand experience, to survive a quarantine.

Omar Abdullah, who was under detention for nearly eight months, posted a meme of himself. It showed a sad Abdullah contemplating something with a serious look on his face. The text of the meme read, “When you spend 236 days in lockdown, and on the day you get out, the government imposes 21-day national lockdown.”

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His first tip: “Firstly establish a routine and try to stick to it. In all the months I was in HNSJ (Hari Niwas Sub-Jail) I stuck to a routine as though it were carved in stone. The routine gave me a sense of purpose and stopped me feeling aimless or lost.”

He then suggested people to wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day, even on Sundays. “No lazy Sunday morning lie-ins for me. Get up and get ready. Having nowhere to go is no reason to spend all day in your nightsuit. I lived in track pants but I never slept in them or sat around in my PJs.”

He even had suggestions for the kind of meals one should have during lockdowns. He asked people to exercise every day and download apps that could help them to do so. Read the tweets below:

The former Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister’s thread received an overwhelming response. Abdullah also told his followers to continue going back to the thread because he would be adding tips to it.

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