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Power consumption in April-Feb of 2022-23 crosses last fiscal's usage limit

According to power ministry data, power consumption rose by 10 per cent to 1,375.57 billion units (BU) during April-February period of 2022-23.

Power consumption in April-February period of 2021-22 was 1,245.54 BU.

In 2021-22, total power consumption was 1,374.02 BU, which is much lesser than 1,375.57 BU of April-February period of current fiscal.

According to estimates by the power ministry, the peak power demand in the country is expected to be 229 GW during April 2023, which is higher than 215.88 GW recorded during the corresponding period of last year.

As per estimates, the energy demand is expected to be 1,42,097 MU during April, the highest in 2023, before coming down to 1,41,464 MU in May and further declining to
1,17,049 MU during November.