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Kebabs and 23 carat gold: World's most expensive biryani is here; guess how much it costs

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International Business Times
23rd February, 2021 14:31 IST

Biryani is one of the most favourite dishes globally and food lovers are unstoppable when it comes to trying new variants of the dish. But will you spend Rs 20,000 for a plate of gold-plated biryani? Yes, you've read that right. 

An Indian eatery in Dubai called Bombay Borough sells the most expensive Royal Gold Biryani in the world.  The dish sells for 1,000 dirhams per plate ( Rs 19,705.85) for a plate of biryani.

So what makes the Royal Gold Biryani so expensive?

One plate of biryani consists of 3 kg worth of rice and meat. It comes with an assortment of curries and meats such as lamb chops, meatballs, grilled chicken and a variety of kebabs. The plate also consists of three types of rice - one of them is simple chicken biryani rice, the other keema rice while the third type is 'white and saffron rice'.

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The platter also consists of caramelized vegetables and other delicacies and can feed an entire family or even more, depending on your appetite. And the dish is wrapped in 23 carat gold leaf before being served.

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