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Meghan Markle ditches her friend and leaves her in the lurch; Duchess can't be bothered?

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International Business Times
18th September, 2019 02:43 IST

Meghan Markle's life has gotten exponentially more busy, ever since she became a Royal. But it looks like some of her friends may also be feeling the brunt of her busy life.

Reportedly, Meghan Markle was a no-show at an event held by her close friend in New York, but another notable royal made a shock appearance instead. The event at Misha Nonoo's pop up store in SoHo was attended by Hollywood A-listers as well as a surprise appearance from Princess Eugenie - who sparked speculation the royal could be pregnant, almost a year after her royal wedding.

The event was a pretty high-profile event, and for Meghan Markle to shrug it off may have come as a surprise to her friend. Meghan and Misha have a close friendship so eyebrows were raised when Eugenie turned up at the event rather than the Duchess. Apparently, Ms. Nonoo, a fashion designer, has often been named as the "anonymous friend" who initially set up Prince Harry and Meghan. Her absence is all the more glaring when you take in to account Princess Eugenie's appearance. Meghan wasn't too busy to attend Serena William's match at the US Open. Maybe some friends are just more important to the Duchess of Sussex than others.

Meghan Markle had apparently announced that her maternity leave would end on September 12. Perhaps, the end of her leave gave her quite a few commitments. Meghan Markle may even be trying to steer clear of New York for a while, as any appearance she makes in the United States doesn't seem to be well received lately.

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