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5 Tips to make your dreams reality

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19th September, 2019 17:54 IST

Dreams can have a powerful effect on our waking lives. They reflect our hopes and fears about the future and even help us revisit our pasts. Achieving your dreams is the best route to happiness and satisfaction.

Define Your Dreams

Sometimes it's hard to define what your dreams are when you are so used to suppressing them. The exercises in this guide will help you uncover those dreams, aspirations, and create a map of what you want to create.

Ignore the Noise
The "noise" is all that negative. You tell yourself that you can't do. Most of us are our own worst critics, and as most big time movie stars will tell you and ignore the critics.

Establish a community

Make sure you have other people to talk to about your goals that will support you and not doubt your dreams. If there is no one in real life, try sites that let you become friends with people who will not only care about your dreams, but hold you accountable to them. But no matter what, have someone there that truly cares.


Go to bed earlier
A sleep study conducted in 2011 for the journal Sleep and Biological Rhythms concluded that university students who stayed up later tended to have more unpleasant dreams than those who hit the sack earlier. If you want your dreams to be more pleasant, then try going to bed at least an hour earlier every night and see if that has a positive impact on your dreams.

Make changes in your life

If you are not already working towards your dreams, you are probably trapped in a cycle that keeps you locked away from them. Break the cycle. For a lot of people, that means changing careers.

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