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Methods on how to speak English fluently and confidently

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08th May, 2019 16:04 IST

So many of our students want to learn English fast. Some students are so busy that they only have a few minutes a day to study English. While other students need to improve their English skills in just a few weeks before an important deadline. Here are some tips for speak english.

Don't study grammar too much
If you want to pass examinations, then study grammar. However, if you want to become fluent in English, then you should try to learn English without studying the grammar.

Practice talking to yourself
This is really an excellent way to develop your fluency and build your confidence. There is no pressure to be perfect, and nobody else will hear your mistakes. For speaking ideas, go to this website and choose a topic. Imagine somebody is asking you the question. Then practice answering it by talking to yourself out loud.

Speak, Speak
Be confident and speak as often as possible to as many people as you possibly can. Do not be shy to make mistakes. The more you practice the better and more confident you will become in your pronunciation and vocabulary.

Listen to the music of English
Do not use the music of your native language when you speak English. Each language has its own way of singing. 


Read the newspaper
It doesn't matter which newspaper you subscribe to, as long as it is a major English language paper, such as The Hindu, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, etc. It is also not necessary to read every page and article.

Use Google Translate
When you are unsure of a word or a pronunciation of a word, ask google! It's easy to use. Enter the word in Google Translate and listen to the correct pronunciation by clicking on the audio button.

Use the dictionary
Try and familiarise yourself with the phonetic symbols of your dictionary. Look up the correct pronunciation of words that are hard for you to say.

Have a Debate
Debate all the topics that interest you with friends in English. Try to use as much vocabulary as you can to get your point across.

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