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After Being Caught Cheating, This Kerala Student Beat Up His Physics Teacher Black And Blue

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11th February, 2019 15:41 IST

We've all seen students who spend more time preparing cheating chits than actually studying for an exam, and more often than not, the fear of being caught is crippling. For this Kerala student, things were slightly different.


The unnamed student was not only caught cheating but he also dared to beat his teacher up with a wooden stick!

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According to reports, the incident took place on Friday at around 4 pm at the Chemnad Jamaath Higher Secondary School. The students were giving their model examination on Humanities when the teacher saw the student cheating.



When Bobby V Jose - a Physics teacher - questioned the 12th-grade boy, the latter got aggressive, broke open one of the wooden legs of a desk and used it to hit the teacher.

Jose was admitted to a hospital and he had a fractured hand long with injuries on his inner earlobes.

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