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Meanwhile In Venezuela... People Are Too Poor To Have Sex As They Can't Even Afford Condoms

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14th February, 2020 14:50 IST

The economic crisis in Venezuela is so bad that some couples cannot afford to have sex. Some Venezuelans are too poor to have sex as they cannot afford, condoms, contraceptives, or hotels.


According to an AFP report a box of three condoms costs $2 (Rs 142) in Venezuela, a month-long supply of birth control pills can be $8 (Rs 570) and a hotel room in Caracas costs $10 (Rs 713) for six hours. The minimum wage in Venezuela is a little over $6 (Rs 428).

On top of this, most traders there prefer to deal in dollars than local bolivar which is freefalling but most poor people do not have access to dollars.


As a result, couples are forced to either sneak into their parents' homes or go into sexual hibernation altogether.

Reports mention John and Amanda who apparently sneak to their parents' homes when they want an intimate moment as they cannot afford a hotel. Carlos goes into sexual hibernation during financially lean months. Oriana, on the other hand, buys her contraceptives on the black market for a small fortune.


Venezuela has been in an economic crisis for years now and apart from holding back financially, people are having to pay the price of love.

Most of the educated and professional class has fled the country.

Inputs From AFP

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