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This Is How The Nation Responded To Prime Minister Modi's Candle-Lighting Initiative

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05th April, 2020 21:48 IST

Diwali came early this year as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested everyone to turn off all their lights and instead, light up diyas and candles to show solidarity, as we fight against the deadly pandemic, COVID-19. The nation's leader had released a video message to the public asking them to participate in the candle-lighting on March 5 at 9:00 PM for nine minutes.


Just like when the nation came together to applaud for the health care and essential workers, this too felt like a mass celebration by the citizens. Millions of Indians switched off lights in their homes and lit diyas and candles to spread the message. As soon as the clock struck 9, lights went out in almost every neighbourhood and diyas and candles lit up the darkness. People gathered in their balconies and verandas and also beamed flashlights.

This lighting gave happiness and stress buster for all. People have enjoyed like deepavali.

Really great experience for all.

Thank to Modi

€” Lt Col N Thiagarajan (@LtColNThiagraja)

Today evening my mother discharged from Hospital after Chemotherapy. My mother was very much excited to #LightForIndia at #9बजे9मिनट.
I too joined #9Minute9baje with my mother. Sharing the picture of my mother holding

€” Prof Shrinath Rao K 🇮🇳 (@ProfSRK)

Didn't have any diya or proper candles as I am stucked in a empty flat with minimal things to survive.Few birthday candles was laying on my table so lighted them.lets pray together 🙏¤ï¸

€” ShreeD (@ShreeDa59787688)

Okie Done.#LightsOfHope I guess so !

€” PkPraveen 📸 (@pk_views)

My mom's Work today honouring our honourable @PMOIndia 's message to the nation.

€” #Indiawillkillcorona (@kl_nawin)

The Welspun Group stands united in this fight against #COVID19 along with the people of my country. Together, we will win this! @narendramodi@PMOIndia#IndiaFightsCorona#9बजे9मिनट

€” Balkrishan Goenka (@BKGoenka)

We are all in this together..even if we are far away from home.

€” Navanita Varadpande (@VpNavanita)

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
Background shankh by mother.
Looks like 9 minutes will continue for 90 minutes.
Such enthusiasm, such

€” Shakti Avasthy IPS (@ShaktiAvasthy)

My family's participation 🙏

Always there for PM #NarenderaModi's respect and request 😇🚩

Jai Shri Ram

Felt similar like Deepavali 💓

€” Abhinav Garg ¤ (@Abhinav_MadzFan)

However, many still refused to understand the concept like last time, when they had gathered in groups and ended up bursting crackers which totally negates the purpose of the whole thing to begin with.

Look at this Mini diwali guys! Aab dikhega tum logon ko Dhauladar and clean skies after all this crackers? What idiots man!

€” Subhashree Das (@Subhashreeds1)

There is a freaking pandemic that the world is trying to deal with and we are bursting crackers?
WTF is wrong with us.
How are we this stupid 😐

€” Ayesha Minhaz (@ayesha_minhaz)

People are bursting crackers in delhi!

Come on guys its not diwali, its not celebration!


€” Niranjan kumar (@niranjan2428)

As expected #9बजे9मिनट#Social_Distancing
People started celebrating as if they're out of this pandemic and it's 10 PM still some are firing crackers 🙏🏻

€” Mirza Ali (@alimirza_8)

Why people bursting crackers???

€” Anushka Singh (@Anushka51686890)

The global crisis coronavirus has claimed over 67,911 lives in the world till now and continues to haunt millions. We pray that this pandemic comes to an end soon so that the world can get back to normal.

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