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This Is The World's Most Powerful Graphics Card That Can Embarrass Any Game For Rs 2.24 Lakh

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06th December, 2018 21:16 IST

We're still reeling from the recent launch of Nvidia's GeForce RTX lineup of graphics cards, with their powerful ray-tracing capabilities, but it seems their not done. Just four months later, we now get the new Titan RTX, a card they say will wreck all others.

Images courtesy: Nvidia

Affectionately called the T-Rex, the new GPU is the fastest Nvidia says it's ever built. It's also the most expensive, priced at a whopping Rs 2,24,000.

Nvidia has built the new card using its latest Turing architecture, which includes 24GB of GDDR6 memory and a boost clock speed of 1,770MHz. To clarify, that means 130 teraflops of processing power and 11 GigaRays as far as ray-tracing goes. That's also why it requires a beefy 650W power supply.

If that's not enough for you, you can also link two of these cards together, though you need the Rs 56,000 Titan RTX NVLink Bridge to do it, in addition to the cards.

All in all though, the Titan RTX is a lot more expensive than Nvidia's regular RTX lineup, but the difference in performance capabilities is massive too. The company built the new GPU with artificial intelligence researchers in mind. However, you can obviously buy it for your gaming rig too, if you can afford it. And you can expect it to kick some serious ass.

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