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Authorities seize 66 benami properties worth Rs 100 crore on Jaipur highway

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India TV
11th February, 2019 23:58 IST

The authorities on Monday sized benami property worth Rs 100 crore in two villages along the Jaipur highway in Rajasthan. This is one of the biggest action taken by the Income Tax Department in the state till now.

The officials found that at least 66 properties had been bought under false names in Kukas and Khorameena villages. According to sources, a total of 25.43 hectares of land had been divided into various plots and bought under false pretences. 

Two names that came up in the investigation - Ramgilal Meena and Ramdhan Meena - had 29 and 33 properties in their names, respectively. The soures say that the two men belong to deprived class and their names had been misused to for the graft. 

The sources added that Rs 38.95 crores were invested to purchase the land, out of which Rs 24.27 crore were paid in cash.

The officials seized the properties and also attached two bank accounts. 

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