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Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla mulls app for MPs, paperless Parliament

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India TV
12th August, 2019 01:28 IST

As he stressed importance of a paperless parliament, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said that an app will be designed for its use by all MPs soon. The app will have information about various parliamentary processes. He was speaking at a felicitation ceremony held in New Delhi. He said that such an app will be designed within six months.

Birla said that almost 80 per cent MPs are in favour of a paperless Parliament. This initiative, he said will save crores of rupees of public money.

While stressing Parliament's central position in Indian democracy, the speaker lauded all MPs

He said that while different political parties have different ideologies, all MPs have come together as one when it came to matters of national interest.

Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla recently said that options are being considered for a new parliament building. On Sunday, he said that Parliament House has to be modern. To achieve this goal, he said, opinion of MPs, Parliament staff and member of the media will be taken into consideration.

He also spoke about making Parliament debates right since 1952 readily available to MPs in audio and video format.

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