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Chicken Curry Law Movie Review: LOUD Commentary Takes Away The Essence!

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09th August, 2019 08:44 IST

Chicken Curry Law Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and a half stars)

Star Cast: Ashutosh Rana, Makrand Deshpande, Natalia Janoszek, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Zakir Hussain, Ganesh Pai

Director: Shekhar Sirrinn

Chicken Curry Law Movie Review: LOUD Commentary Takes Away The Essence!

What’s Good: Ashutosh Rana and Makrand Deshpande’s presence!

What’s Bad: The story takes itself too seriously to disrupt the intrigue of watching it

Loo Break: Few in both the halves!

Watch or Not?: Only if you can skip the rest of it just to watch Rana & Deshpande

User Rating:

We see a foreigner, draped in a single piece of cloth, left roadside in a very adverse condition. On investigating, a social rights’ activist Satya (Nivedita Bhattacharya) gets to learn that it was a rape. It’s done by two relatives of the Union Minister Sharad Joshi (Zakir Hussain) and Satya finds no lawyer to fight this case. A lawyer-turned-Pav-Bhaji-Seller, Sitapati (Ashutosh Rana), after a lot of convincing by Satya, steps in to take the case.

Sitapati, after investigating, reaches to the conclusion but all of a sudden everything starts going the wrong direction. He faces a wicked lawyer in Mutthu Swamy (Makrand Deshpande), who tries to change the course of the case. Rest of the story is all about will Maya (Natalia Janoszek) be able to get justice, or was this all her plan to get something bigger out of the scenario.

imageChicken Curry Law Movie Review: LOUD Commentary Takes Away The Essence! Chicken Curry Law Movie Review: Script Analysis

Shekhar Sirrinn’s story is very unidimensional; the intent behind is very noble but he fails to build the intrigue given he had everything. If we go through movies like Damini and Pink, we’ve seen some brilliant execution of ideas backing the narrative.

With this film, the issue is, the idea is good but there is no strong narrative to back it up. It gets way too predictable at times but is saved by the lead performances. Suresh Beesaveni’s is poor! There are scenes where the camera has no idea where it’s being moved. It gets very loud on its commentary, and that’s what takes away the essence of the intent.

Chicken Curry Law Movie Review: Star Performance

Ashutosh Rana tries way too hard to fit into the character he has played similarly in Mulk. Because of his greatness, his presence seems natural throughout the movie. Makrand Deshpande, yet again a brilliant actor, manages to stay afloat in the sea of senseless innuendos. He plays a South Indian character, which gets caricaturish in certain scenes.

Natalia Janoszek gets stereotyped like a typical foreigner in Bollywood movies. Her acting seems very forced as if she was instructed to Indianise it.

Nivedita Bhattacharya is decent and that’s about it. Her character starts abruptly but finds its place through the end. Zakir Hussain is wasted. Ganesh Pai was very bad.

Chicken Curry Law Movie Review: Direction, Music

Shekhar Sirrinn fails to hold the story together. He must’ve had a good idea on paper, but on-screen it comes across a big mess. The story needed a lot of rework upon and when you’ve such talents, you should not leave anything incomplete. Even the basic bridging shots are poorly inserted leaving with an amateur-feel.

Shekhar Sirrinn has also composed, wrote (2 songs) and sang (1 song) for the film. None of them makes any sense in the story. The closest to being okayish was Kailash Kher’s ‘Ya Khudara Maaf Kar’ and that’s also ruined by basic lyrics.

Chicken Curry Law Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, the movie is backed by good intentions and decent performances. It comes with a noble cause of informing about the host-guest relationship in India. It manages to unravel a few good points but fails because of poor execution.

Two and a half stars!

Chicken Curry Law Trailer

Chicken Curry Law releases on 09th August, 2019.

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