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10 Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life

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08th November, 2019 10:43 IST

Do you feel something is missing from your relationship? Do you feel like there is no romance left? That thing has changed since you first got together. Perhaps your partner complains that you are not romantic. Following vastu suggestions when decorating your room will significantly develop your energy levels & romantic relationships. Vastu energy creates a feel-good environment & keeps the energy flowing.

* Master Bedroom should be in the square or rectangular shape.

* Master bedroom should be as large as possible than the other room.


* Master bedroom should ideally be located in the south-west corner of the house. This will help master of the house to have a harmony in the family.

* The bedroom should not be located directly over the kitchen or garage.

* The bedroom should not have a toilet on the upper floor.

* Do not place bed directly facing the door.


* Do not sleep with the door behind the headboard.

* Sleep with a solid wall or headboard behind the bed.

* Never place your bed under the overhead beam. This may cause a serious bad luck.

* The mirror should never reflect the bed.

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