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5 Vastu To Follow For Successful Business

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18th February, 2019 11:32 IST

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Hindu system of architecture, has been used in India for centuries. It prescribes guidelines for design, layout, ground preparation and other aspects that go into creating a harmonious dwelling. While the system doesn’t have rigid rules for construction or design, it outlines the best possible layouts and solutions for bringing maximum success and prosperity to the owner of the building.

Today, we present 5 tips recommended by Vastu professionals for success in business.

* Southwest is best

In an office building, the business owner’s room should be in the southwest direction, and his desk should be placed so that he sits facing the north. There should be a solid wall behind the desk, not a window or a glass structure. Similarly, the ideal location for a home office is in the southwest part of the home.


* The entrance

Generally, the north, northeast and north west directions are believed to bring positive energy. Therefore, it’s recommended to have the main entrance to the office in any of these directions. Nothing should obstruct the flow of energy through the door. Ensure that the main entrance door doesn’t open into an interior wall that blocks the flow of energy.

* The reception area

The reception is the place where visitors are greeted. This should be a positive and relaxing space that puts them at ease. Ideally, the reception area should be in the east or northeast direction and should have comfortable seating.


* Open centre

The central part of the building should be left open for maximising prosperity. An indoor garden or lounge in this area not only enhances profitability, but also provides an area for employees to recharge.

* Staff seating

The desks or workstations of employees should be designed so that they face either the north or the east to increase productivity.

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