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5 Vastu Tips To Lead a Happy Life

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01st December, 2019 01:09 IST

Vastu is all about bringing happiness in life through balancing the elements of earth, water, air, space and fire. Happy life can be achieved through following principles of Vastu in correct way which also promote peace and prosperity among members of family. Vastu is the encompassing and inquisitive science of directions and placement that help achieving happiness, peace, prosperity and progress in life.

* Make sure entrance of house is in East or North.


* Keep the passage of East and North clean and clutter-free so as to let positive energy flow thoroughly to bring happiness and peace.

* North-eastern sides should be open maximum and keep some water source such as pipe for rain water or water fountain here.


* Owner must own South-west bedroom for better decision making control on family members.

* Eastern side should have maximum windows while western side should have least windows.

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