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6 Things You Must Do During Sawan For Good Luck

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12th July, 2020 09:14 IST

The month of Sawan is the month of rains here in India but it also has the auspicious importance in the astrology and Hindu religion. This month is considered as the best time to worship Lord Shiva because in this month Lord Shiva is worshipped more than any other times of the year. You should follow some activities to do in this month in order to make Lord Shiva happy and live a better and healthy life with God’s grace. Following are 6 things to do during Sawan month that one can follow for a happy life:


* Worship Lord Shiva

As we told you earlier that this is the best time to worship Lord Shiva and you can follow the right ways to worship Him for a better life. On every Monday of this month, you should go to the temple of Lord Shiva and there you can worship the Shivalinga with milk, Ganga Jal and flowers. This should be followed every Monday of the Sawan month in order to make Lord Shiva Happy.

* Keep Fast on Mondays

Keeping fast on every Monday of Sawan month is very beneficial for the girls to get a loving and caring husband. Unmarried girls keep fast on Monday in order to get a life partner like Lord Shiva and if they keep it with true heart then they eventually get their desired life partner. Milk and milk products can be eaten during fasts but nothing else should be eaten at that time.


* Wear and Worship Rudrakhsh

Rudrakhsh is considered the symbol of Lord Shiva and people believe that worshipping Rudraksha is very beneficial for them. Hence one should pray to Rudrakhsh and to do that one can use the Rudrakhsh mala to enchant the prayers to Lord Shiva and get benefits of that.

* Offer certain things to Lord Shiva

Certain things like Panchamrut and Ganga Jal are considered to be the best to offer to Lord Shiva. But these are not only the things that you can offer as there are Bibhuti, but bilva leaves and dhatura leaves with sugar or honey are also very auspicious to offer to Lord Shiva while praying in front of Him.


* The fast for married ladies

MangalGaurivrat is a kind of fast that married women keep in order to keep their married life running smoothly. MangalGaurivrat is considered to be helpful in increasing the love between couples that results in increasing the bonding between the couples like Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

* Chant Shiva Mantra

Chanting Shiva Mantra in the month of Sawan is very helpful in pleasing Lord Shiva. You can enchant the Shiv Mantra using the Rudrakhsh mala with 108 beads as it is the best number to enchant any mantra in astrology.

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