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Navratri 2019- Recipe To Make Sukhi Arbi

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04th April, 2019 03:53 IST

Arbi or colocasia roots (Taro) are native to India, and other Asian countries. One of the oldest vegetable of the subcontinent was a prefered tuber, before potato took its place. Potato was introduced to India by the Dutch in late eighteenth century, and gradually gained popularity, and has now completely taken over arbi.


250 gm arbi/taro roots

2 tablespoons cooking oil
1 teaspoon carom seeds

2 numbers green chillies slit lengthwise
2 teaspoons roasted cumin seed powder
1/2 teaspoon grounded black pepper
Rock salt (sendha namaK) according to taste.
1/2 lemon
2 teaspoons chaat masala optional
2 sprigs finely chopped cilantro/coriander leaves chopped


* Wash properly and parboil arbi so that it is still hard. Peel it when cold. Cut slices lengthwise.

* Pur a pan on gas, and add oil. When the oil is slightly heated, add carom seeds (ajwain) and slit green chillies.
* When the start to splutter, add arbi slices, and cook uncovered on low flame till done.

* When the arbi is properly cooked, add the tempering and mix well. Switch off the gas.

* Add lemon juice to it. Decorate with chopped coriander and serve hot with kuttu ki puri, or as snack with a cup of tea.

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