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Recipe- Mouthwatering White Chocolate Mint Leaves

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23rd June, 2022 16:35 IST

This is the signature petit four from Tamarind of Mayfair and having spent many a day making them I thought I would share them with you.

Everyone is always looking for something to wow friends with at the next dinner party. I always find it's the little thinks that have the most impact, things like the candles, the chutney the tiny little extras you think no-one will notice. Well, these tried and tested chocs will just blow them away. When served at the end of your meal they are better than any chocolate you can buy and it will definitely ensure that your evening ends on a high.



8 fresh mint leaves
50g good quality white chocolate



- Pick 8 (or more) nice looking fresh mint leaves. Wash and dry on kitchen roll.

- Break the chocolate into a plastic container and put it in the microwave to melt for about a minute or two.

- Just as it has melted, stir it with a spoon to ensure the chocolate is the same temperature throughout.

- Line a tray with some baking parchment.

- Check the chocolate isn't too hot then dip the mint leaves into the chocolate. Ensure both sides are fully coated and place on the tray.

- Repeat with the remaining leaves

- Place the tray in the freezer once set you can move the leaves and put them in a sealed container. Leave in the freezer until required.

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