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Recipe- Enjoy Summer Begins With Kerala Karru

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02nd April, 2019 01:42 IST

Imagine swaying palm trees, a gentle cool breeze blowing a salty whiff of the sea and sweet summer watermelon washed down with white rum spiked coconut water.


45ml Bacardi
90ml watermelon juice (sweetened)

150ml fresh coconut water
10ml sugar syrup

10ml Monin coconut syrup
2 Wedges of lime
Pinch of salt
Garnish: mint & watermelon slice


* Pour in the watermelon juice in tall glass and then fill it ice

* Fill shaker with ice

* Add coconut water, coconut syrup, sugar syrup & salt

* Squeeze in two wedges of lime

* Shake

* Strain it on the ice gently to get two layers

* Garnish

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