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Recipe- Make Your Tuesday Trending With Tandoori Momos

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19th February, 2019 12:02 IST

Treat your family with a spicy treat for dinner. Bring the recipe of one of the most sought after street foods to your kitchen. Momos! The soft and delectable momos served with the spicy schezwan sauce is something that most youngsters living away from home resort to for dinner. Present this delicious recipe with a tandoori twist. Here is the recipe.


200 g chicken mince

10 g garlic chopped
10 g ginger chopped

2 g green chillies chopped
5 g celery
50 g cabbage chopped
20 g carrot chopped
10 g spring onion chopped
5 g salt
3 g white pepper
Momo sheets
15 ml soya sauce
200 g tandoori green chutney


* In a pan, put some oil and add chopped garlic, chopped ginger and sauté well.

* Now start adding celery, carrot, cabbage respectively after an interval.

* At the end, put spring onions, green chilli, salt, white pepper and soya sauce respectively.

* Once this is done, let the mixture get cool.

* After cooling the mixture,add it into chicken mince, mix well and then keep it aside.

* Take a momo sheet, cut it into round and start making momos as per your desire shape.

* Now, at the side, keep water for steaming.

* Once momos are done, steam it well and let it get cooled at room temperature

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