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Recipe- Spicy and Delicious Dashmichi Poli

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11th January, 2020 12:35 IST

Dashmi is preaperd from wheat flour and besan. It is spiced up with different spices. This can be sweet or hot too. This is a good travelling snack as it remains good longer. This can be a good tiffin box option too. Let’s see how to make dashmi using gudh.


1/4 cup Milk
1/4 cup Jaggery
1 cup Wheat flour
1 tsp Besan / Chickpea flour
1 tsp Ghee
Cardamom powder
A pinch of Salt



* In a bowl, take warm milk. Add grated jiggery and mix well.

* Do not add jiggery on hot or boiling milk. Or milk will get spoilt.

* Jiggery should dissolve in milk.

* In a dish, take wheat flour. Add besan, cardamom powder and salt. Mix well.

* Add ghee and mix well until the mixture becomes crumbly.


* Add a little milk and gudh mixture at a time and make a little thick dough.

* If you want, you can add a little flour to absorb all the milk and gudh mixture.

* Knead thick dough.

* Transfer the dough into a bowl and cover. Rest it for 30-45 minutes.

* Take the dough and knead it again.

* After resting it becomes a little soft.

* Take a small ball of dough and make it smooth.

* Roll a dashmi like we roll regular chapatti. No need to fold it, just roll nice and round chapatti.

* Dashmi should be a little thick than regular chapatti.

* Heat up a pan. Transfer the rolled dashmi on it.

* Roast dashmi on medium heat. Roast for a minute from one side.

* When small bubbles begin to appear, flip over.

* Apply a little ghee and roast for another minute.

* Flip over and apply ghee from other side as well.

* Roast until it gets nice golden color from both sides.

* Dashmi is already.

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