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Sharad Purnima 2019- Masala Milk Recipe To Offer To God

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10th October, 2019 12:26 IST

Sharad Purnima, falls on the full moon day of Ashwin month as per Hindu calendar. On Kojagiri Purnima the eldest child is honoured by the parents as per Maharashtrian tradition.It is believed that on Sharad Purnima day Goddess Lakshmi goes around from place to place asking “Ko jagrati?” meaning “Who is awake?”. Thus the name of this full moon day came to be Kojagiri Purnima. Believers stay awake till 12 in the night and keep the masala milk in moonlight by midnight before having it.


1 litre whole milk
10-15 pcs almonds
10-15 pcs pistachios
pinch of nutmeg powder
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
pinch of saffron strands
sugar to taste



* Boil half cup water and soak almonds in it for 5-10 minutes.

* Peal almonds and pistachios, and coarsely grind or roughly chop them. (*See the note below if you're making masala milk for toddlers.)

* Bring milk to a boil and then allow it to simmer on slow flame till it becomes 3/4th of the original quantity. (You will need to keep stirring intermittently to ensure that milk doesn't spill over.)

* Add sugar and continue to simmer the milk till it reduces some more.

* When the milk reduces to almost half, add saffron strands and mix well.

* Add cardamom and nutmeg powder, and mix well.

* Add chopped almonds and pistachios, and mix well. (I prefer slightly crunchy almond and pista pieces in my masala milk so I don't add them early on. If you want softer pieces you can add them on earlier.)

* Allow the milk to simmer till it reduces to half the original quantity and then turn off heat.

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