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Try Winter Special Hot n Scrumptious Carrot Soup

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21st November, 2018 12:05 IST

Cold chilly weathers call for a major craving of something warm and liquidy. You might turn towards hot cuppa tea or coffee, but when you feel like donning the chef’s hat and feel like making something filling, scrumptious and piping hot, opt for this healthy carrot soup recipe.


2 nos. medium sized carrots

1 no. small potato
1 no. small onion

1 tbsp celery, chopped
1 cup cold milk
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder to taste


* In a heavy-bottomed vessel, take some water and boil carrots, potato and onions. After the vegetables are cooked, let it cool down. Sieve them out.

* Grind them in a blender.

* In a pan, add the filtered water (as per requirement) in this vegetable paste.

* Add salt and black pepper powder, as per taste, and bring it all to boil.

* When it gets half-cooked, little by little add chilled milk to the pan.

* Remove the pan off the heat.

* Add and mix the chopped celery to the soup.

* While serving, pour some piping hot in a soup bowl and sprinkle some chopped celery on it to garnish.

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