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6 Tips on How To Keep a Girl Interested in You

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15th September, 2021 04:37 IST

There is nothing greater than falling in love. In reverse, however, there is quite arguably nothing worse than falling out of it. If you want to know how to keep a girl interested, it will take a little work on your part. But it’s worth it.

Too often, guys get way too comfortable believing that a girl is going to love them forever, and so they stop putting in the effort. Sure, you shouldn’t need to put on a suit and tie and take your girl out to a fancy restaurant every night, but that isn’t what most girls want anyway.

If you want to make sure that she adores you for a lifetime, you have to hold her attention, make her feel special, and do those little things that mean so much. Learning how to keep a girl interested is about caring for her, not tricking her.


# Don’t let yourself go

Even if you got here and you have professed your love for one another, it isn’t cool to let yourself go. When you don’t take care of yourself, it says you’re losing interest. You don’t want to stop bathing and taking care of general hygiene just because you know she likes you.

Sure, looks shouldn’t be a priority in a relationship, but this isn’t about looks. Taking care of yourself is about putting some effort into yourself. You get dressed, brush your hair, put on cologne, not to impress her but to put your best foot forward.

It shows that you care about yourself. She will see that and remain attracted to the effort you put into yourself.

# Bring her gifts

Gifts don’t have to be expensive. In fact, they don’t have to cost anything at all. Anything from a post-it note saying “you look hot today” to a single beautiful flower that you picked up on the way home tells her that she is always on your mind and makes her feel appreciated.

Never stop trying to make her happy, which includes bringing her surprise gifts from the heart. Remember, this could be anything from some fast food french fries to a silly t-shirt you thought would make her smile. Gifts aren’t about the money but about the thought put into them.

# Be mysterious

When you become a couple, it is easy to let your guard down and get comfortable with each other. Comfort is great, and it doesn’t mean you should leave the bathroom door open or leave your beard shavings in the sink. The mystery isn’t about being secretive, but just not giving away everything.

Regardless of how long you have been together, there are just some things that you should keep to yourself and remain a mystery.


# Don’t be selfish in bed

As time goes on, it may take a little more to turn each other on. That may mean that you have to put in some creative effort to satisfy her sexually. What you did the first few times may become routine.

Of course, you want to enjoy sex, but make sure that you are making her pleasure a priority as well.

If you can’t come up with something new and original yourself, ask her. A great way to keep a girl interested is by caring enough to ask rather than assuming you know what she wants.

# Be a gentleman

Just because you are a couple, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to open the door for her, pull her seat out for her at dinner, or pay for her. Some courtesies shouldn’t ever be overlooked.

It isn’t the ’50s, but she still deserves that special treatment. Offer your sweater if it’s cold, help her carry anything heavy. These things shouldn’t disappear because you’re committed. She will appreciate the effort and remain interested.

# Challenge her

Not every woman wants a “yes” man. Of course, it is okay to agree with her, but she also needs someone in her life who challenges her. If you disagree with her, don’t just nod along. Have deep conversations about things you disagree on.

You want to encourage each other to be better. You want to challenge her and ask tough questions. Without this, things can get boring really quickly.

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