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10 Budget Friendly Destinations In The World To Visit

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11th June, 2021 06:56 IST

Travelling means different things for different folks. For some, it is about luxury and indulgence while for others, it is about exploring the world on a budget. If you belong to the latter category, you’d agree with us when we say that budget travel needs both research and planning. Thankfully, we have budget tour packages that help you save time on that.

But, what about the destinations you can travel to? Well, we have a ready list for that as well: –


# Laos

If you are a true backpacker looking for a destination that has a plethora of mesmerizing spots, beautiful vistas, and amazing cuisines to relish all over, then do visit Laos. This place is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts as well as nature lovers as one can find a lot of panoramic sites throughout the country. For a hassle-free trip to the country, you can also opt for budget tour packages to Laos.


# Thailand

From visiting the opulent palaces to rowing the pristine seas, Thailand is a versatile country that has lots of sights to see. There’s a reason why Thailand is ranked as one of the best tourists spots in the world. A popular choice among Indian tourists, Thailand is known to be one of the cheapest countries to travel from India. So pack your bags and get going on a budget trip to Thailand.


# Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one destination that is easy to access and cheap for Indians. And those concerned about how it is as a tourist destination, well, it is blissfully beautiful! Sri Lanka is loaded with numerous spots that interest nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, people coming on vacation, and families on a foreign trip. It is indeed one of the best places to visit outside India when on a budget.


# Nepal

Nestled in the Himalayas, Nepal is a landlocked country that is famous for the sheer beauty it has in store. Mt. Everest, yaks, monasteries, monks, and the magic of mountains – everything about this country is breathtaking! Apart from being one of the cheap places to travel abroad from India, most of Nepal is immaculate and pristine. A lot of tourists visit the country every year and have a great time. Back in 2017, Nepal Tourism contributed about Rs.177 billion in the entire GDP of the country.


# Bhutan

Here, expansive offbeat trails lead to the lush green forests, high mountains, tranquillity, and monks – everything makes Bhutan a great destination to travel to. For Indians, it becomes even better because you don’t necessarily have to carry a visa for entering the country. It is also one of the cheap foreign places to visit from India.


# Singapore

Singapore is another popular destination among Indians. With numerous beautiful spots, parks, beaches, and temples to visit, the country actively serves thousands of travellers and backpackers every year. This mesmerizing country is also known as one of the cheap international places to visit from India. During your visit to this city-state, do not forget to take a night safari in the world’s first night zoo that is home to more than 1000 animals.


# Cambodia

You must have heard about the Angkor Vat temple, haven’t you? It is a world-famous stone temple located in Cambodia that attracts a lot of tourists every year. But if you think that this South-East Asian country is just famous for this temple, then you need to visit here for sure. Cambodia, despite being a cheap country to visit from India, is a splendid destination that has breathtaking panoramic views to offer besides its rich cultural heritage.



The United Emirates of Arab is one of the most-visited countries in the world. The 7 emirates draw a lot of attention owing to the world-class facilities, towers, and much more. Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah are the top 3 emirates that have a lot of leisure spots for tourists. Apart from the travellers coming from western countries, UAE is also a hotspot for holiday-goers in India. In fact, it is one of the best places to visit outside of India if you want to spend a small vacation.


# Vietnam

Vietnam is about unmatched natural beauty. From lakes to rivers to mountains, one can find a lot of engaging activities to do and things to see in Vietnam. Another undeniable fact is that Vietnam is an exotic destination that has some of the best-unexplored trails throughout the tropical island, thus making it a perfect place for adventure seekers as well.


# Indonesia

Indonesia needs no introduction as it has always been one of the hotspots for backpackers from India. If you are looking for a cheap place to travel abroad from India, Indonesia can serve as the best go-to-destination for you. Travellers can opt for homestays in the country to keep their travel budget in check. From enjoying a leisure tour to water sports, Indonesia has a lot of things in store. Some of the top destinations that people love to visit are Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, and Malang.

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