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4 Offbeat Places To Explore in Manali

Manali, a land imbued with nature’s charm, reveals itself through snow-capped mountains, the serene Beas River, a crisp climate, and a tranquil atmosphere. Travelers, especially those from the plains, flock here to experience its beauty during both summer and winter. It’s the perfect destination for exploring popular tourist spots and creating cherished memories.

However, those who believe Manali is solely about the Mall Road, markets, snow-covered valleys, and temples aren’t entirely wrong. There’s much more to discover and experience here. Beyond the well-trodden paths lie numerous offbeat activities and hidden gems waiting to be explored, catering to the adventurous spirit within.

In this blog, we delve into a few offbeat things to do and lesser-known places to visit in Manali, unveiling hidden treasures that might just find a place on your travel bucket list.

# Beas Kund

While most travelers are familiar with the popular Beas River in Manali, there's a hidden gem awaiting discovery — the extraordinarily beautiful Beas Kund. Nestled amidst snow-clad mountains on one side and lush green valleys on the other, Beas Kund is a frozen waterfall that exudes an exquisite charm. Accessible via a 2-day adventurous trek starting from Manali, this enchanting spot sits at an elevation of 12,772 feet. The trek covers a distance of 17 km from the city, guided by experienced professionals.

# Jogini Waterfall

For those seeking offbeat adventures in Manali, Jogini Waterfall offers a compelling destination. Located beyond the city amidst the scenic village of Vashishtha, this waterfall is situated where the Beas River flows into the Kullu Valley. Accessible via a 3-km hike, especially enjoyable during summer when the path is easier to traverse, Jogini Waterfall promises breathtaking views surrounded by mountains and lush greenery.

# Arjun Cave

Manali is rich in mythological lore, and one of its hidden treasures is the Arjun Cave in Prini Village near the hill station. According to legend, Arjuna, the famous warrior from the Mahabharata, meditated in this cave amidst serene natural surroundings. Visitors can explore this cave, though it's advisable to carry a flashlight as there's no lighting available during evening or night visits.

# Hidden Villages

Beyond its well-known attractions, Manali boasts authentic villages waiting to be discovered. These offbeat destinations offer a glimpse into rural life amidst lush green hills. Some notable villages worth exploring include Malana, Patilkhul, Thanedar, Soyal, and Silja, each offering a unique charm and tranquility that contrasts with the bustling city life of Manali.