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5 Attractions To Enjoy Around Kaziranga National Park

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22nd May, 2020 05:44 IST

Situated in Assam and covering an area of around 430 sq. km Kaziranga National Park is known for its One-horned rhinoceroses. Not just this, it’s a vibrant and beautiful Tiger Reserve that holds some special and significant position in the wildlife map of India. Dubbed the ‘Serengeti of the East,’ this reserve is blessed with a healthy and diverse range of geographical features, and the reserve makes it an excellent place to spot rare species including the great one-horned rhinoceroses and tigers. This park serves as a perfect place for vacations for family and friends for whom the park offers a plethora of attractions and activities to enjoy. This blog here picks some of the top things to do in Kaziranga National Park so that you do not miss out on the best the park and its surroundings have to offer.


* Majuli

Majuli is known as the world’s largest river island. It was the first island district in the country. Situated about 154 km from the park, Majuli is one of a kind. It is well known for its temples and cultural visiting spots. Few of the places where you can find yourself lost are Garmur, which is a perfect place for devotees. It is located 114 km from the Kaziranga National Park. Garmur is known for being a holy seat, this Vishnavite spot preserves some ancient artifacts and articles along with the rich art forms. Kamalabari Satra is another heritage spot in the Majuli region. It is located 144 km from the national park and this spot is famous for the religious showcase it has. The Satara house significant articles that are related to culture, literature, art and some classical studies. Tengapania, which is about 180 km from Kaziranga, is spectacular and a very popular picnic spot. The location of it on the bank of Brahmaputra River adds on to its beauty. Tourists visit the places surrounding Tengapania, such as Machkhoa, Disangmukh, and Dhakuakhana.


* Sibsagar

Sibsagar which also known as Rangpura is a small town 360 km northeast of Guwahati and just about 170 km from the park is a place known for its monuments. Talatal Ghar is one of the most popular attractions of Sibasagar. It is located about 176 km from Kaziranga National Park. Inclusive of the underground level it is a 3-story building. People come here to experience the lovely architecture and design of this place. Then, Joysagar Tank and Temples which is located in the Rangapur region and was completed in just 45 days. The huge tank and temple cover a 320 acres area, temples are situated on the banks of the river namely, Jeydol, Shiv temple, Devi Ghar also gets some popularity due to this. Ahom Museum is another well-equipped museum for those who are keenly interested in knowing the history of the royal family here. Located 170 km from the Kaziranga, Ahom Museum is situated on the banks of Sibsagar Lake. It displays artifacts of the royal armory, royal clothes, their manuscripts and other belongings. These things serve very well as a source of information about the royal families.


* Tea Estate

Assam is famous for its tea plantation. But just knowing this will not justify the feel when you are witnessing one such place. Jorhat has this popular Tocklai Tea Research Institute which is located near the Tocklai River about 116 km from the Kaziranga National Park. This place gives you an opportunity to know about the research that takes place for upgrading the tea quality. Moreover, it is the centre of the activities which expand the horizon of tea research in the northeast India.


* Kakochang Waterfall

Kakochang Waterfalls is not an attraction you can miss out on. If you are here in Kaziranga, then Kakochang is a beautiful place you should visit and give yourself some natural therapy with the calm and clean environment here. This waterfall is just 14 km from the national park and is known for its scenic beauty. It is a very soothing, loveable sight and many times serves as the stoppage for trek lovers. It is one of the top attractions to visit nearby the park and trust me this place will not let you down.


* Mystery of Jatinga

About 277 km from the Kaziranga is a well-known place named as Jatinga. People come here to experience the well-said myth of birds committing suicide. Although, this is not true, instead, the birds crash into the bamboo trees which are high enough to obstruct their flight. During the night the birds are unable to see them and collide with these plants hurting themselves bad enough to kill them. If you want to see this for real, then you should give this place a visit. Who knows the myth may be true.

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