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5 Beautiful Hill Stations To Visit Near Kodaikanal

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24th May, 2022 03:13 IST

The beauty of Western Ghats is blessed with the wonderful destination Kodaikanal located in Dindigul district Tamil Nadu state of India, which finds the best hill station in India. Located at an altitude of 2,133mts above sea level, Kodaikanal is a splendid spot for tourists. Overwhelmed with lush greenery forests, hill stations, scenic landscapes, Kodaikanal creates a serene environment. Its surrounding hill stations offer fantastic tourist spots that will be cherished forever in your travel diaries. Many attractions settled around and near Kodaikanal mesmerizes you with their untouched beauty.


# Vattakanal

Vattakanal comes first, which is the best hill station to explore near Kodaikanal. The hill station gifted with immense flora and fauna, thick forests, cliffs, and foggy clouds seems to be amazing. It is a fantastic spot for couples and nature enthusiasts to get nurtured in the tranquil atmosphere surrounded by misty clouds. The pleasant atmosphere of the hill station with clouds around everywhere makes you feel like it is heaven on the earth.

Coming to attractions, Dolphin’s Nose and Vattakanal waterfalls are the best places to discover in this beautiful hill station. To capture the beauty of Vattakanal, September to December is an ideal time to visit.


# Palani Hills

Near Kodaikanal, Palani Hills is one of the best-ever hill stations to pay a visit. It is very famous for its astonishing beauty with lush greenery mountains and thick forests. Tourists who visit this serene hill station will fall in love with its lovely surrounding presence. The major attractions of this hill station are its rare bird species, butterflies, and plants. To explore these rare species varieties, nature seekers love to visit Palani Hills.

Apart from its greenery and peaceful atmosphere, Varadhamanadhi Dam, Palani Murugan temple, and Bison wells are some of the best-known attractions of Palani. For the best sightseeing of Palani, from January to April is the favorable time to discover.


# Valparai

Completing your journey around Kodaikanal without visiting Valparaimeans, it is a big mistake. It is such a beautiful and must-visit hill station near Kodaikanal known for its tea plantation and dense forests. This wonderful hill station was located at an altitude of 1066mts above sea level and it is quite famous for its man-made tea and coffee plantations. Valparai hills are also home to rich flora and fauna such as Panther, Tiger, Elephant, Sloth, Gaur, etc.

The key attractions that drag tourists to this destination are Loam’s viewpoint, Aliyar Dam, Nallamudi viewpoint, Balaji Temple, and Chinna Kallar falls. To enjoy the eternal beauty of this place plan a trip between September to March.


# Kolli Hills

For adventure seekers and those who love to explore jungles, Kolli Hills is the best place for them. From many places, people love to come here to experience hiking and trekking at this hill station. Here you can observe an adventurous spirit in tourists enjoy the trekking. Besides, the pleasant and untouched beauty of this hill station attracts serene seekers to enjoy its pleasant atmosphere. The waterfalls and viewpoint of Kolli Hills stand as the best tourist attractions of the place.

Selur Nadu’s viewpoint, Namma Aruvi waterfalls, Akash Ganga waterfalls, Arapaleeswarar temple, Botanical garden, and Maasila falls are the iconic tourist attractions of this spot. Better to visit between November to February to experience the best of Kolli Hills.


# Kotagiri

If you want to explore an undisturbed and crowd-free hill station means, Kotagiri is the right choice for you. Its foggy mountains, lush green fields, and serene environment made the place popular for its pleasantness. Just to relax in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, Kotagiri is the best hill station. Especially, its tea plantation is a key attraction to this hill station. Kodanad viewpoint, Logwood Shola, Johnston Circle, and St. Catherine falls are the major tourist attractions to cover in this hill station.

The must-thing to do in this beautiful hill station is visiting the Kodanad viewpoint. It is a spectacular point to seize the charming glory of Kotagiri. Try to visit between December to May for the best experience.

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